Did dave asprey sell bulletproof company?

Asprey announced that it would hand over the reins of the company, known for its bulletproof coffee filled with butter, to Larry Bodner starting in October. Asprey will continue to be executive president of Bulletproof. The CEO of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey, moved to Canada about 10 years ago. In August, Vice President of Sales and Business Development Daryl Moore, with five years of experience at Bulletproof, became Vice President of Business Development at VitaUp.

Dave Asprey, founder of the nutrition platform brand Bulletproof 360, has left the position of CEO and will take up the position of executive president as of October 1, the company announced yesterday. Asprey said that the Bulletproof board of directors introduced him to the new CEO Larry Bodner and that he was impressed by his nearly 30 years of experience in CPG. According to Asprey, Collins and several other employees were asked to leave as part of a broader “evolution” of the leadership team to help ease the company's transition to omnichannel.

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