What are some of the controversial topics in biotechnology?

Controversies related to biotechnology arise mainly because it includes genetic information, which can be harmful to organisms in many ways, genetically modified crops in agriculture, damage to the environment, bioterrorism and health problems. Environmental groups, concerned consumers, traditional farmers and others have protested against it. Some people refuse to buy bioengineered products. Politicians in many countries have enacted laws that restrict biotechnological research in certain areas.

However, the reach of biotechnology continues to expand, despite these actions. Biotechnology, genetic engineering, and related techniques and technologies have been the subject of controversy and misinformation. This document provides an overview based on information collected from credible, fact-based sources. While the application and commercialization of genetic engineering innovation in the food system from a business perspective can be controversial, worthy of debate and have political considerations, the underlying science has withstood the broad rigor of the scientific method, including an extensive academic peer review that concludes empirically in support of science.

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