How can i lose in 7 days?

As important as it is to remember that your diet also plays an integral role in your weight-loss plan, one of the easiest ways to lose a few pounds is through exercise. You must be able to achieve a balance between the two for effective results. The exercises you can perform during the week are resistance training exercises, such as weightlifting, that lead to weight loss similar to that of aerobic training. They will also help you increase and maintain muscle mass and strength.

HIIT exercises can be performed three to four times a week, either as part of your regular fitness regimen or after training. Make sure to perform these exercises at 100 percent intensity for maximum effect, and most sprints shouldn't last more than 30 seconds each. The first session could consist of 10 repetitions of 20-second sprints with 40 seconds of rest in between. The second session could consist of 15 repetitions of 15-second sprints with 30 seconds of rest in between.

The third session could have 7 repetitions of 30-second sprints with 60 seconds of rest in between. Finally, the fourth session could consist of 20 repetitions of 10-second sprints with 20 seconds of rest in between. Another great way to lose weight is to follow intermittent fasting. It helps you reduce your calorie intake, since it involves reducing your consumption of food for a short period of time.

Intermittent fasting could include a 16-hour fast with an 8-hour period of eating food or a 20-hour fast with a 4-hour period of consuming food. Try fasting at a different time than your workout if you plan to combine fasting and exercise to effectively lose weight. Dietary tips for losing weight to lose 10 kg How to lose weight and get in shape without giving up your favorite cocktails. Because of the caloric deficit needed to burn every kilo of fat, it's not possible to lose 4.5 kg of pure body fat in just one week.

This plan will work wonders, especially for people looking to lose a lot of weight in a short time.

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