What is biohacking health?

Biohacking is a term used to describe the biology of “do it yourself”. It involves people making gradual changes to their body, diet and lifestyle to improve their health and well-being. Also known as human enhancement, biohacking ranges from efforts to improve brain function to faster weight loss. The good thing about fasting is that there's more than one way to do it.

Some people opt for alternate-day fasting, in which on fasting days you limit calories to 25 percent of your normal intake and then eat the usual amount of calories on days that you don't fast. Zayner, the biohacker who once injected himself with CRISPR DNA, has also had health problems for years, and some of his biohacking activities have consisted of explicit attempts to cure himself. And as technology and research for technical biohacking become more available, when combined with the knowledge and support of medical professionals, biohacking has the opportunity to reduce stress, anxiety, inflammation and depression, while increasing clarity, energy, sleep, motivation and happiness. For example, biohacker Ben Greenfield says that lifting weights underwater in the cold is one of his favorite biohacking secrets.

Whenever you plan to take biohacking supplements or use biohacking technology, talk to your health professional first. Biohacking your body can work, to a certain extent, depending on how you define biohacking and the extreme of your approach. It is not uncommon for advances in biotechnological research to inspire biohackers to invent or use new biohacking technologies. The biohackers I spoke with said that restrictive regulation would be a counterproductive response to biohacking because it would only lead to clandestinity in practice.

While some medical professionals and scientists practice standard biohacking and even participate in DIY studies and use biohacking implants, many scientists and doctors are skeptical of these practices. That said, biohacking with grinders or homemade biohacking may not work or even be safe, especially when not done by a trained professional. However, holistic biohacking involving a change in diet or lifestyle does not require or interact with biotechnology. The most cutting-edge biohacking principles include aspects such as biohacking nootropics (“smart drugs”), neurofeedback, training on heart rate variability, and inversion therapy.

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