What biohacking means?

Biohacking is a term used to describe the biology of “do it yourself”. It involves people making gradual changes to their body, diet and lifestyle to improve their health and well-being. Heart rate variability training involves the use of biohacking technology to detect when the heartbeat changes and reflect stress. You go from a variable period of time between each heartbeat to a fixed rate when you're under some type of pressure.

The biohacking movement is gaining popularity, especially in Silicon Valley, where technology executives track what they eat, ketone levels, body composition and more on a daily basis. If you plan to go beyond a holistic definition of biohacking that involves listening to your mind and body to make positive and effective changes, you should do so with caution. The most cutting-edge biohacking principles include aspects such as biohacking nootropics (“smart drugs”), neurofeedback, training on heart rate variability, and inversion therapy. Biohacking your body can work, to a certain extent, depending on how you define biohacking and the extreme of your approach.

This biohacking technique is becoming more popular and accessible, and its growth has doubled in the United States for four consecutive years. While some medical professionals and scientists practice standard biohacking and even participate in DIY studies and use biohacking implants, many scientists and doctors are skeptical of these practices. The concept of this type of routine is to use very exact methods to achieve the best results, but they must be done with caution, especially since biohacked workouts can be complicated and potentially dangerous if performed incorrectly (or are designed without reliable scientific results to support them). Biohacking your body means changing your chemistry and physiology through science and self-experimentation to increase energy and vitality.

Biohacking involves security risks, as institutions do not regulate biohacking and biohackers may not always comply with security protocols. Biohacking weight loss is possible even when working to nourish your body with healthy foods that reduce inflammation, get enough rest, and stand up and move your body throughout the day. Whether you're using supplements, technologies such as red light therapy, or making changes to incorporate an abundance mentality, biohacking is meant to help you achieve positive and lasting change. Some types of biohacks are relatively safe to try at home, while others may pose health risks and produce varying results.

Biohacking can also refer to more experimental and less common practices, such as blood transfusions, egg rejuvenation, cryogenics and gene editing. Biohackers can inconsistently apply safety measures when working with hazardous chemicals and biological materials, and cannot use safety equipment such as gloves, lab coats, or chemical spill kits.

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