What is knockout and knockin?

Inciting or introducing genes is the process of inserting a new gene into the body. Genetic inactivation, on the other hand, is the process of deactivating or completely eliminating the desired gene. In particular, automatic detection technology focuses on a specific location in the sequence, compared to the way in which technologies and methods of generating mice with deactivation focus on designing a completely new DNA sequence, which is very similar to the original, but designed to ensure that the gene is inoperable. Activated and deactivated mice are genetically altered mice that help researchers understand the genetic functions of the human body in greater detail.

In addition, the whole approach to studying inactivated mice is very different compared to that of inactivated mice, as described below. The easiest way to create complete genetic inactivation is to remove the entire region of the gene by cutting it off and then seeing how that affects the body after extraction. While both can be used in laboratory mice to facilitate genetic research without having to experiment with humans, the specific technology and methods used to delete or inactivate a part of the DNA sequence are different and are recognized as such by researchers who are familiar with genetic inactivations and inactivations.

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